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Man sues co-workers for taste of lotto pool...

lottoAn Ohio man has sued his co-workers in order to get his hands on lotto winnings he feels he has some claim to.

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Canadian woman poisons office with marijuana...

You really do have to love Canada sometimes…

Police were called to an office min the Canadian city of Victoria because of what was being alleged as a poisoning.

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Hostages? Who still takes hostages???

hostageSomehow today was the first day I had heard of this story about the jackass who took hostages then updated his Facebook all about it.

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Were hidden cameras brought about by cultural racism?

black-peeping-tom-t-shirts_designSo a thought came to me today when thinking about this story out of Tampa (where I happen to be from) of these two poor Bulgarian girls who were getting videotaped without their knowledge by their landlord…

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Proof of Bigfoot found in Northern California...

bigfootI imagine that the worst part about being a Bigfoot investigator (other than the constant pointing and laughing of strangers) is that the work being done- for the most part- is being done with nary a stich of evidence to support one’s outlandish claims.

But for a group of Bigfoot investigators out of Northern California, the sweet vindication of truth is at hand as they believe that they have found what any crypto-investigator would easily give up a toe for having in their hands… undeniable, hard truth.

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