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Shallow Thoughts: French Ban On Veils

france-veilThe French put a ban on Muslim Veils...although not exactly!  I actually can't believe this story just came up again seeing recently this past Friday night me and some friends were just talking about the French putting this into law...And then long and behold what always happens PROTESTS (AKA: Have nothing better to do).


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The True Effects of Prohibition...

planet-money-200x200So the other day I was listening to NPR (yes, I drive a truck for my day job and as a result happen to listen to a shitload of talk radio.  Usually I spend my day listening to The Opie and Anthony Show and The Ron and Fez Show but on Tuesday I found myself in a rental that didn’t have satellite radio so I really had no other choice) when I came across a show called Planet Money

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Montana Rep wants lighter DUI laws...

AmericanFlagIt is difficult for an American to look at our current political landscape and have any hope for the future.

Row after row of slimy men (and women) wearing expensive suits and flashing aftermarket smiles saying whatever they have to in order to be sent to the seats of power and corruption (and for all the wrong reasons to boot).

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Mitt Romney announces interest in running in 2012...

Mitt-Romney-Image-MashableMitt Romney, the well quaffed former Massachusetts governor who got his ass kicked in the 2008 Republican primaries by Sen. John McCain, has put the end the speculation and has formally thrown his hat in the ring for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, marking the beginning of the “real” campaign announcements (as much fun as it will be to see Trump in a debate, odds are this presidential run is more publicity stunt and venting of genuine frustration as opposed to legit blitz for the Big Chair, but you really never know…).

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Internet making Satanism more popular...

animal-goat-satan_881The internet has made a lot of things more popular…

Child pornography… trading away your shit to complete strangers… Rebecca Black

And now, according to the Catholic Church, the Internet has fueled a rise in Satanism.

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Gay Marriage....

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