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To the victor goes the spoils...

340x_robopocMankind's final opportunity to defeat machine intellectual combat ended today.

Former jeopardy! Champions, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, faced off against Watson -the IBM supercomputer-faced off for their final meeting on the popular quiz show.

The first meeting ended in a draw; the second, a decisive ass kicking.

In the third???

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Round Two unkind to Humans...

kobal_arnieterminator2460After ending Round One of the Man vs. Machine Jeopardy! Challenge, Watson, the IBM supercomputer and its two human opponents played to a draw (Watson and Brad Rutter that is Ken Jennings got straight beat).

Watson found Round Two a bit more favorable.

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Woman tastes semen in yogurt...

anthonygarciayogurtmugOf all our senses, our sense of taste might be our most underappreciated…

But  the good people of Albuquerque can sleep sounder knowing a pervert has been taken off the streets thanks to one woman’s ability to recognize various tastes…

31 year old New Mexico man Anthony Garcia was arrested in late January after his name came up in some outstanding warrants for criminal sexual contact with a minor. But it is why he came to the attention of the authorities that we wanna tell you about…

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Round One of Man vs. Machine ends in draw...

robotworldRound one goes to... no one.

In the first of three rounds of Jeopardy!, Human beings(former Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter) and Watson-the IBM supercomputer-faced off in intellectual combat in order to determine if in fact machine is smarter than a man.

So far, it's a dead heat.

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Remembering America: Ronald Reagan


Today is February, 06 and it is the birthday of Ronald Reagan (1911-2004).  Love him or hate him, he is one of the United States most remembered Presidents. During his time in office he changed this country and how the world perceived it in many ways. We take this time to honor the man, our 40th President on his centennial.

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