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Recent Study Finds Men Prefer the Pretty...

Bettie-Page04If you have ever wanted to know how we got to the point where we can't say "Merry Christmas" anymore in school because it might hurt feelings or why is it that year after year our culture becomes more and more sanitized.... It is because of studies like this. 

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Rep. Hank Johnson sticks foot in mouth again...

johnsonMy friends, in a time when it seems as though there are no good men left in that cursed capitol of ours, it is nice to able to bring out to you one of those rare examples of politicians trying desperately to do the People’s work amidst the thieves and scoundrels. 

And that is exactly what I intend to do...

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Mall Cop tazes crazy lady...

bhmThis is maybe the single greatest video you will see this evening.

That said, it also isn’t the best way to kick off Black History Month.

But Black History month or not, everyone needs to see this woman get tazed.

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Drones being used to find cop killer!!!

pig-camoThat Chris Dorner story seems to have something in it for everyone…

The weirdness of killing the Police Chief’s daughter… the violence of the car chase and subsequent manhunt… the bug-nutty manifesto posted to Dorner’s Facebook page where he claims the genius of Louie C.K. and Patrice O’Neill (two things, I might add, that he isn’t wrong about)…

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Secession isn't the only thing Americans are petitioning...

secedeThere has been a lot of talk lately about petitions that have been flooding the White House since the election, especially the ones involving states seceding from the Union.

But there have been a couple of really interesting petitions that have been floating around out there in dire need of our support to get the necessary 25,000 signatures by the December 15th deadline in order to get an “official response” from the Obama Administration.

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