UFO seen in the daytime in Turkey!!!

19649487.Close+Encounters+of+the+Third+Kind_2826_19649487_0_0_7008203_300Sometimes the good thing about a UFO video is the sheer shittiness of them…

Usually, the alleged “UFOs” videos are little more than a hanging glowing something seen dancing along a black sky.

Sure, there is no doubt that there is in fact something floating in the sky with (usually) some foreign country’s version of a redneck babbling on and on about how this is Jesus coming and how he is sorry for his offences to God. It could as easily be an airplane or a chopper or even one of those so easily confused for a UFO Chinese paper lanterns our Governments love to tell us all about whenever one of these sightings occurs if not for the excitement (and lack of skill behind the lens) of the videographer leaving us to always doubt it’s true nature.

But sometimes these videos don’t suck.

This is one of those.

Check out these rather compelling three minutes taken of December 28th, 2011 of an UFO caught by a Turkish cameraman smart enough to focus in on the object for long enough to confirm one thing…

It ain’t no fucking plane.

Insert strange X-Files music here…

I don’t believe this video to be a case of mistaken identity.

I would be willing to wager this is not some rube mistaking a man-made flying machine or a Chinese funeral for an alien space craft.

Which leaves us to the next typical explanation used to brush aside videos such as this… CGI.


A quick search along the internet’s versions of the Mos Eisley cantina leads no suspicion as to this being a hoaxed video (though please bear in mind that apparently Turkey is a hotbed for UFO videos- both in their quality and in their tendency to be nothing more than bumbled identifications or malicious pricks trying to have a little fun).

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t.

But for now, I will take it as the first honest to goodness UFO video of 2012.


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