Japanese royalty predicts coming Apocalypse...

PRINCESS-KAORU-NAKAMARUJapanese princesses that can predict the End of the world?????

Ok. I had no idea that the Japanese had a monarchy.

But they apparently do and as luck might have it, she also happens to be a seer.

But, like Cassandra, something tells me her predictions are not going to be heeded…

Japanese Princess and UFO contactee Princess Kaoru Nakamaruk has a special message for the Peoples of Earth concerning the coming turmoil of 2012. Check it out:

(Thankfully she gets to it pretty quickly into the video but be sure to stay with it for a second as she jumps right from fortune teller to pickpocketing carnie in the bat of a mistrusting eye…)

Three Days of Darkness…

Nutty right???

Space alignments causing us to have three days of Darkness (said to be foretold by the Virgin Mary in her Fatima prophecies)… Underground secret cities made especially for the elites (specifically 10,000 of those bastards… the 1% of the 1%), with the bases rumored to be located in Atlanta, somewhere in Holland, Switzerland, and Australia.


And the nuttiest part of all…

With just a scant few months left to maximize the exposure of her message among the masses, the most honorable Princess Kaoru will share with you the secrets to surviving this most dire of fates for the ever so reasonable tune of $499.00 a head (plus the $9.95 processing fee)… and that’s if you buy the ticket through her site utilizing the special $100 discount coupon for being “in the know”.

hell-earthGenerous of her, isn’t it?

Especially considering her Pythagoras Conference Global Galactic Convergence 2012 conference is scheduled for a weekend of October 10th-14th… a scant two months away from the drop dead date of December 21st, 2012… and that- should she be telling the truth about this nonsense- there would be no use for those green bills she is collecting from the rubes foolish enough to pay that freight to hear her “divine messages of peace, loved, and Armageddon” (and it might be worse. Should she deposit the door at the bank, once the 21st hits and all of society collapses under its immorality she won’t even have the useless paper to wipe her pampered ass with).


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