Kazakhstan to build alien embassy...



Jak sie masz!  It is rare that the great nation of Kazakhstan makes any sort of ink (except when their backward nation is protesting a hugely successful comedy that alerted the rest of their world to their existence), so to see this mighty nation's name in the news is just wonderful.  But then you see why we are talking about them and you just shake your head and wonder why.  Brace yourself folks... Kazakhstan is in the process of building a UFO landing pad as well as an alien embassy (because of course, the first thing you want to see after a long intergalactic space journey is Kazakhstan... Kazakhstan and maybe the Orlando Magic running a train on your mother).

kazakh_flagLong known around the world for being one of the few nations that have openly acknowledged the existence and visitation of aliens on Earth, Kazakhstan thinks that the time is right for them to construct a welcoming oasis for these occupants in interplanetary crafts to come and touch Indians and hang with the locals... or at least so go local Kazakh media reports.  Of course, we do have to take into account that the Kazakh media might just be a goat herder's busybody wife yentaing it up around the village well... but that does not make this story any less awesome.

ARTIST RENDITION OF ALIEN LANDINGThe Kazakh government is of the belief that the aliens would be interested in the many resources found inside of Kazakhstan and that the volumes of reports the government receives concerning citizens claiming to have seen UFOs in the sky (of course, to a goat herder who gets his mind blown by the concept of indoor plumbing, a jet or any sort of plane might be considered an unidentified flying object).  But the Kazakh's government's open mind does not end there.  See, they also admit that open contact with aliens is imminent as well as that there is an underwater alien base in the Caspian Sea, which borders Kazakhstan.  How's that for a forward thinking nation?

Whether you think that Kazakhstan is insane for building an alien embassy or if you think it is a cute and wacky story, there is one thing that I think we can all agree with.  There is no chance an alien would like to Kazakhstan.  Why fly millions of light-years just to see a bunch of mountains and dirt.



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