The Abduction of Amaury Rivera...

wa-ufo-alien-faceI was tooling around on Youtube franticly searching out videos of fat girls falling down (because for whatever reason that is what the Internet seems to be all about these days) when I came across this rather odd video.

It is a report of some sort concerning the abduction story of one Amaury Rivera.

According to Rivera’s story, on the evening of May 14th, 1988 he was walking out of a photography gig when he spied what seemed to be something odd going on in the evening sky.

What happened next is the stuff Spielberg films concern themselves with…

Na-Nu Na-Nu…

You couldn’t write a better story to sell…


An alien abduction COMPLETE with photographs of not only the craft but the green little sum’bitches that absconded off with Mr. Rivera on that fateful night (not to mention the other 14 some odd others who were also on board the ship)….

That in and of itself is enough to lead anyone to think that he had a story to tell.

But then you add in the whole “shown the planet’s not too distant future” angle and you are really cooking.

And boy oh boy what a future he did see…Meteor strikes and global governments on floating islands, the Perfect Storm of Apocalyptic Delusions.

But sadly, as great a story as this guy is telling, I could not be further from buying what he is selling.

My reason for it is a simple one…

Not every abductee can be “the One”.


If we are to believe the stories of just the most credible of the credible abduction stories… the abductees we most deem to be the most together (never mind the rest of that assorted bag of insanity)… you still end up with contradiction after contradiction.

Benevolent Star Men come to bring us good tidings…

Cruel Overlords returning to again make Humankind bend the knee to their will…

Confederation of galaxies with a charter to spread Peace and Love throughout the galaxy while still maintaining the “Prime Directive”…

ufo1Now, unless you want to make the leap that there is not one hyper-technological extraterrestrial civilization who happened to stumble upon the Earth and has taken a long term interest in the goings on among its inhabitants but rather many (some of which are openly telling us that they have less than good intentions for us and our world) hyper-technological extraterrestrial civilizations who happened to stumble upon the Earth and have taken a long term interest in the goings on among its inhabitants, it goes without saying that some of these folks are full of shit.

It has been my distinct pleasure to have shared a few words (be it for this site or for my own personal satisfaction) with abductees. And they always seem like credible and honest people… right up until they start spreading their abduction bullshit.

And that’s all it is… bullshit.

This guy wasn’t given the secrets to the Universe… no anymore than Nancy Lieder is receiving messages from the Zetas while she watches The Price is Right

These are just sad, lonely people who are desperate to matter for something… anything.


Now yes, this guy has some interesting pictures to go along with his outlandish claim…

And (to quote Forrest Gump) he has such a wonderful story and he tells it so well.

But I just can’t get past the fact that this guy is being given the secrets to the Universe by aliens.

Not because he is a bad man or a mouth breathing moron or anything.


But because I have to believe that if there is intelligent life zooming around the cosmos, they would have better sense as to who to tell what to.


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