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Google logoLife is never easy for a good liberal organization.  Never mind that whole conflict of interest between the business side of you preoccupied with making money while the bleeding heart side of you is too busy crying about all the people you had to exploit, step on,  and crush out of existence in order to get there... that would be enough to drive you crazy as it is.  I am talking about the difficulty in keeping all those vocal Liberal masters appeased with you every move, lest they begin a letter writing campaign on your ass.  Don't believe me?  Why not ask the good people at Google.

As any good liberal organization out there, Google is very worried about the size of the carbon footprint they are going to leave on the world.  Having made fuck you money in the past decade, the CEOs of Google could literally do anything they wanted to cut down carbon footprint the company left on the world around it.  So did they plant trees?  Buy carbon credits?  Fuck no... those moves would all be rational and, quite frankly, would be lame as all Hell.

Google's 200 goatsNo, the Google folks had a much better idea in mind when they decided how to best cut the company's carbon footprint.  Buy hiring 200 goats to "mow" their lawn.  Now Google is not the only company to have replaced Mexican lawn guys with farm animals.  Yahoo has tried a similar measure.  The good people of Google claim that the cost of the goat army they have munching away on their grass was the same they would have paid to have a lawn service tend to the yard of their Mountain View, California headquarters, which when combined with the low carbon cost of the measure and the overall cuteness of their new lawn team made the move to let their property be overrun by goats the only sane and rational choice for Google to make.

Never to miss a chance to open their mouths on any subject, the good people of PETA logoPETA made a statement to TechCrunch that while they had no real problem with Google buying goats to mow their lawn, they have voiced some concern about how the creatures might have been transported and as to whether or not the creatures have enough to drink on the premises.

It should be noted that I have often thought about buying a goat to walk around my yard and eat all my grass, but have always ended up deciding against the move because the square eyes of the goat freak me the fuck out.  Freaky goat eyesBut even with their freaky square eyes, there is something very Big Top Pee-Wee about having goats wandering around your yard eating all your grass... lighthearted and mildly humorous.  Granted, there is also something very hippie and stinky about it as well.  2000 hundred goats must smell something fucking awful.


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