Scientists to prove we don't live in The Matrix...

code-sightWhile the rest of the world is busy trying to figure out ways to survive the coming years, bracing ourselves for the coming return of Quetzalcoatl and Gaia’s removal of protecting favor from Humanity, American scientists have decided that there are bigger questions to answer…

Namely, just how factual The Matrix was…

Researchers at the University of Washington (located in one of the two states to just recently legalize marijuana, if it helps makes sense of any of this…) are in the process of putting forth a series of tests to see if in fact the world that we live is nothing more than an ornate hologram keeping us from ever learning that we are in fact living in a giant supercomputer.

According toTecheye:

“… computer simulations are decades away from creating even a primitive working model of the universe. In fact, scientists are able to accurately model only a 100 trillionth of a metre, with work to create a model of a full human being still out of reach.

matrixBy looking for underlying patterns, physicists believe that it may be possible to work out if we are existing in a computer created universe, created many years in the future.  Looking at constraints imposed on simulations by limited resources could show signs that we are mere bit-part players in a Matrix-style film plot.

It will take many years to reach the computational power to give a real glimpse of whether we are living in a simulation, the scientists contend, but even by looking at the tiny portion of the universe that we can currently accurately model, it may be possible to detect 'signatures' of constraints on physical processes that could point to a simulation. 

The researchers suggest that a signature could show up as a limitation in the energy of cosmic rays, for example.  By testing the behaviour of cosmic rays on underlying 'lattice' frameworks governing rules of physics that could exist in future models of the universe, the researchers could find patterns that could point to a simulation.

“This is the first testable signature of such an idea,” one of the researchers, Martin Savage, said.

Aside from the rather mind-boggling proposition that we may be part of a computer simulation, another researcher pointed out that this would bring up the possibility of inter-universe computer platforms, and the potential to communicate across these.

“Then the question is, ‘Can you communicate with those other universes if they are running on the same platform?’” UW graduate student, Zohreh Davoudi, asked…”

red-blueYes, that made my brain hurt too…

Needless to say, a similar solution would have been to just take the red pill.

We will of course keep you posted . 


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