Turks call Jabba racist...

lego-boxA group of Austrian Turks have come out recently to demand that the Lego corporation apologize for insults to the Muslims, Asians, and other Oriental peoples for the grievous insults they have heaped upon them with their replicas of movie set toys.

According to The Telegraph:

“… Austria’s Turkish community said the model was based on Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul and that the accompanying figures depicted Asians and Orientals as people with “deceitful and criminal personalities.”

The Turkish Cultural Community of Austria released a statement calling for Lego to apologies for affronting religious and cultural feelings.


The anger was provoked by “Jabba’s Palace”, a model of the home of Jabba the Hutt from Lego’s Star Wars product range based on the blockbusting series of science fiction films.

Jabba’s domed home and accompanying watchtower bear, according to the statement, an unwanted resemblance to Istanbul’s great Hagia Sophia, and another mosque in Beirut.


Austria’s Turkish community also took issue with the figures that went with the palace, including Jabba.

“The terrorist Jabba the Hutt likes to smoke a hookah and have his victims killed,” said the statement posted on the organization's website.

“It is clear that the ugly figure of Jabba and the whole scene smacks of racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations against Asians and Orientals as people with deceitful and criminal personalities.”

The crimes associated with the figures, the statements adds, include terrorism, slavery, murder and human sacrifice.

Taking into account that many of the Lego figures carry weapons, the Turkish organization also urged parents “not to buy toys of war or toys of discrimination” as the model goes against the “peaceful coexistence of different cultures in Europe

… As an indication of the anger felt over Jabba’s Palace, the organization said it was considering taking legal action against Lego for inciting racial hatred and insulting human dignity.

Katharina Sasse, a public relations manager working on behalf of Lego, denied any link between Jabba’s Palace and the mosque.


“The Lego Star Wars product Jabba´s Palace does not reflect any actually existing buildings, people, or the mentioned mosque,” she said. “The Lego mini-figures are all modeled on characters from the movie… We regret that the product has caused the members of the Turkish cultural community to come to a wrong interpretation, but point out that when designing the product only the fictional content of the Star Wars saga were referred to.””.

Mesah Jar Jar Binks… Mesah a racial Stereotype…

If you wanna go after the racism hidden within the Star Wars Universe, it is without a doubt the Gungans that you target… Not Jabba the Hutt- an enormous worm with fat arms.


You go after the big lipped, jive talkin', struttin', celebrating after a war with a good ol' fashioned Florida A&M styled parade lesser species on the Planet Naboo…

Not the multi system running Mafia based out of the Tatooine Worm creatures…

Trade_Federation_001Or the Trade Federation creatures-cooing out lines like the china lady who I get my Tsos from- are a far better and more of an "OK we get it" than reaching out to claim that the alien palace of the alien crime boss is in some way racist is totally beyond me.

It makes no sense…

Why eliminate any credibility you would ever have while making a claim of actual bigotry by pointing to some inconsequential nothing and trying to make something out of it.





Not this?


Or this?



The one backed by a multi-billion dollar franchise. That works...

It's sickening… What a whiney, thin skinned, good for nothing culture we have become…

Our grandfathers would have sooo kicked out asses… 


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