Mysterious lights spotted over France!

small-screenshotA Frenchmen captured footage of three bright orange lights floating ominously over the city of Lyon, France on June 28, 2013. 

The footage shows what we at The Weekly Constitutional believe to be a triangular shaped UFO (which have been spotted all over the world for years now). 

Check out the video.

Like most UFO videos, the quality leaves some to be desired... but there isn’t any annoying play by play being spoken over the footage or some half cocked Frog turning the camera on himself and shouting out World Star Hip Hop or whatever sort of douchebaggery the French engage in...

But there is no doubt that those lights- in that triangular shaped “Star Destroyer” pattern- are clearly seem floating above the French city.


There will be signs in the Heavens...

 Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 9.38.20 PM

I know you are sitting there, going over this video frame by bloody frame asking yourself “Why?”...

Why Earth? Why Now? Why France???

I may not have the answers to the first two, but perhaps I can set some light on the third. Put yourself in their shoes... You travel hundreds of thousands of light years to subjugate this planet to your will. You know the Russians, Americans, and Australians will give you a long and costly tussle so why not start your conquest with a nice and easy foothold in Europe? Beautiful beaches, women willing to fuck anything, amazing wine, cheese and cuisine, a long and storied tradition of surrendering quickly... It only makes sense to start Global domination by crushing the French under your heel! 


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