A Very Inconvenient Truth... - 2.

A Real Inconvenient Truth

72914-warm-Global-Warming-DeniersThis isn't the first time we have had respectable, responsible, data backed learned me. Come down for their Ivory towers to tell us our thinking on the changes in our climate are nothing more than sophistry. As we noted on the previous article, we had similar statements thrown at us in 2006 and again in 2011... Both of them stating that their precious climate models were simply not jiving with the actual numbers we are recording out in the field. (Not to mention those pesky emails out of East Anglia which out and out proclaimed the numbers fudged and fraudulent.)

Yet we still have politicians from a certain political persuasion screeching like Scanners, crying out "heretic!!!!" as they drive to shut up the nay sayers. Politicians wired enough to have seen any one of these reports that have been bouncing around out there for the better part of a decade? 

Or what about the journalists and television talking heads who lack the curiosity (or might it be courage) to at the very least dig a little into these reports and studies to see if there might be something to their claims; instead spending their time joining in with the mob, clamoring for the deniers of Climate Change to be silenced???

There must be a reason for such blatant misrepresentation... 

72914-warm-bearmeltFor the scientists, it's easy to understand their motivations in this fallacy... The siren song of wealth and fame the driver behind all achievements, honorable or otherwise. This is a world driven by cash, and for scientists it is more often the ability to generate it using their research that deems their worth. And nothing generates money quite like a desperate struggle to save us from ourselves. 

But what of the politicians (and the rabid loyalists that head the groups that spearhead these demands for action)... 

It is one thing for a scientist to "cook the books" as it were, but for our elected officials- put into office for the very reason of studying and looking into every claim before making a move they deem to be in the best interest of our citizenry- speaks to something else entirely. 


These models were then used to sell costly (both in money and in labor) regulations and to implement hefty fines for violators. It's the very reason the EPA has taken it upon itself to unilaterally force add regulations and new levels of CO2 and power plant emissions... To combat these completely fictitious warming trends destined to kill us all. 

Could it be these numbers were adopted (and held on to even after they started to be shown suspicious at best) by these political leaders in order to breed yet another paper tiger for them to use as a justification for whatever control they feel like implementing on us? 

72914-warm-obama-sweating-GTUThe only thing we know for sure is they are all in on still selling us on it....

"The question is not whether we need to act," said President Obama in June of this year, before kicking off his quest to combat climate change (otherwise known as the "Stop talking about all my scandals" speech).

"The question is whether we have the will to act before it's too late. Because if we fail to protect the world we leave our children, then we fail in the most fundamental purpose of us being here in the first place."


Sounds an awful lot like "We have to pass it before we know what's in it..." 


And that really hasn't been working out so well for us now, has it....


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