Zombie Fire Ants!!!!


fireantNow maybe I am not the smartest monkey in the monkey house, but this kind of sounds like a bad idea.  You see, Texas has a problem with fire ants.  And instead of inventing a pesticide strong enough to wipe these six legged flesh eating sons of bitches, scientists at Texas A&M's Agrilife Extension Services had a better idea.  See, why combine chemicals together in order to form venom deadly enough to rid those fire breathing nuisances off the face of the Earth when it makes ever so much more sense to go and find a creature that preys on the ants and then introduce them into the ecosystem.

Deep in South America, the researchers found a tiny phorid fly that hunted large fire ants and had a particularly interesting way of killing their prey.  The fly lands on the back of the ant and lays eggs under into the ant's body.  Once hatched, the maggots begin to eat the ant from the inside out, ultimately making their way into the ant's head and "brain".  death_by_zombiesWhile being devoured from the inside out, the ant wanders around away- Zombie like- from the mound until the ant's empty head falls off the body, releasing the newly formed flies out of the hollowed out body, prepared to feast on the next ant that crosses its path.  All in all, this process takes about two weeks in total.

Flies that turn ants into zombies. 

I am not sure about you, my wonderful readers, but personally the idea of scientists introducing a creature into the ecosystem that turns ants into zombies as a form of "pest control" scares the ever loving shit out of me.  Isn't this how it happened in I am Legend?  A virus intended to cure mutated and began turning people into Dark seekers?  What if these ant killing flies decide they need better food... maybe something fleshier and oh I don't know... more human?  What then???  Where do we hide from zombie flies intent on making us all turn into maggot incubating flesh craving legions of the undead (While the word "undead" is used to be poetic, truthfully this sounds more likedark seekers a form of human rabies, much like in 28 Days Later).

Oh, and this will make your skin crawl folk, don't think that you don't have to worry just yet about zombie flies coming to your eco system.  Turns out that these flies have been released all over the Gulf States in the south, and are spreading around the nation.

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