White Trash running wild!!!!


landed-sex-brochure-carWhat makes this story stunning is that it didn't happen in Florida.

Danica Wallace and her man Jeremy Welch have been arrested for having sex in their car on the side of the road.  Now while screaming white trashy, the idea of two frisky, free wheeling swingin' dicks like these two winners just becoming overwhelmed with passion for one another and just going at it as the first time possible.  But see, it is never that easy when one is dealing with White Trash...

See, Danica and Jeremy decided to just go for it as the two were driving along with Danica's two very small children (a four year old and a 22 month old).  Creepy huh?  Now I bet you are asking yourself "Is there any way to make this story any creepier..."

Well, I bet I can...

Danica WallaceJeremy WelchWhen asked by the police exactly why the two of them had decided that they could not wait until they got home to bump uglies, the obviously hammered Jeremy Welch claimed that the two "...got horny and just wanted to fuck." (it just makes your skin crawl don't it?????)

Wallace and Welch were found by law enforcement drunk and pans less, slappin' skins on the side of the road.  Wallace ended up being charged with Drunk Driving, Child Endangerment, and possession of Drug Paraphenilia (for the foil full of burnt weed that they two had been smoking just before they decided it was sexy time).  Welch was charged with public indecency.

No bullshit, I have been sitting in front of this keyboard for the better part of twenty minutes and cannot think of a single smart assed thing to say about this.  Not one thing.  There is something to be said about a story so fucked up it leaves you speechless...


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