Advocasy group worried about Canadian hookers...


Canadian HookersA Canadian Advocacy group has expressed concern for the hookers of Vancouver when the Olympics roll into Canadia in 2010.  The Prostitution Alternatives Counseling and Education Society (PACE) is going to hold seminars in November to prepare the ladies of the night on how to deal with the influx of tourist and media venturing into the Canadian province for next year's Winter Olympics.

Spokesman for PACE, Kerry Porth, told the Lethbridge Herald that her group "...just want our members to feel safe in the neighborhood in which they live and safe to work in the neighborhood in which they live.  We find sometimes that media attention to the area can be a little less than compassionate and we don't want them to feel like animals in a zoo during that time.  We just want [the sex trade worker] to be aware of what their rights are around media, including the fact that it is legal for [media] to take a picture of them on a public street."

The group's worry stems from the way that the hookers were treated by the media during the public trial of Robert Pickton, a man convicted to six murders earlier this year.  Apparently the media was taking pictures of the whores while turning their tricks and asking them very invasive and probing questions for shits and giggles.

Between you and me, I really have no idea what the point of this seminar is.  People worried about hookers being taken advantage of by the evil sensationalized media... Riiight... because hookers are not taking advantage of lonely men by charging 80 bucks for a hummer.  It sounds to me like a whole lot of noise about nothing.


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