Strange Ice Circles in Siberian Lake


Close up of Siberian Ice CircleStrange, perfectly formed circles have appeared in the ice covering a Siberian lake and no one has any idea exactly what has caused them.  The 2.5 mile geographical phenomenon first appeared on the sheet of ice covering Lake Baikal on April 5th, lasting until about April 27th (when the ice began to melt and separate).  The circles, unnoticeable from land, were spotted by the crew of the International Space Station, who took pictures of the strange occurrence from their perch of 220 miles above the ol' terra firma. 

While no one has any idea as to exactly how the perfectly round circles showed up in the ice.  Scientists, eager to state that UFOs did not cause the two rings to appear, hypothesize that the circles could be the work of hydrothermal activity occurring under the ice (because jets of hot water forming circles under two specific and isolated spots on the ice sheet is so much more probable than the idea that interstellar space craft caused the rings to form).

Space Station picture of the Siberian Ice Circles

Lake Baikal is the largest lake in the world and is the home for many species of fish and water mammals that are not found anywhere else in the world.

While the Constitutional Science staff is not yet ready to sound the Invasion Alarm, heralding the return of our Alien Overlords, we are not yet ready to rule out that aliens might be the root cause of these strange physical events.  Unlike crop circles, which scientists have ruled are not caused by extraterrestrials but rather caused by rednecks with some plywood and plenty of free time, circles in ice found in an isolated part of the Russian badlands are a little harder to fake.


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