Oceans to turn to lifeless pools of acid by 2050!!!


Another day... another end of the world predictionApparently 2050 seems to be the new 2012!

Just days after the latest harbinger of doom predicted the End Times for the American East Coast, a new threat to end all life on the world as we know it... The Acidification of the World's Oceans!!!!

Seventy academics from around the world are urging world government to keep in mind that the world's oceans are in real risk of turning into dead pools of acid if the global community does not act resolutely when pondering on where to stand on a new United Nation's plan to combat Global Warming to be argued in Copenhagen later on this year (December to be exact).  According to these eggheads, carbon dioxide (which is being belched out by mankind's fossil fuel burning machines of convenience) is being absorbed by the world's oceans, complicating the lives of the creatures living within it. 

dead reefsThe disruption to the ocean chemistry might not allow the creatures to properly produce shells, skeletons, and other hard structures that they depend on to live and defend themselves.  By some projections, if current conditions are left unchecked the ocean acidification levels could raise some 80% by 2060, killing off clams and other oceans life.  The changes would also spell doom for the coral reefs so many species of fish call home. 

Martin Rees, president of the British science academy, The Royal Society, equates these changes to an underwater catastrophe.  "The effects will be seen worldwide, threatening food security, reducing coastal protection and damaging the local economies that may be least able to tolerate it."


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