NASA blames ice crystals for UFO video...


UFOsServers all over the world are running red today as a video that NASA released which some blog sites have claimed to be UFOs which are buzzing the shuttle.  The video footage, which came from a May of 1996 shuttle mission, shows blinking lights zipping by the windows of the shuttle.  But as the video gained more and more public attention, NASA felt inclined to explain it... ice particles that the shuttle dislodged from itself as it fired its booster rockets.

Now I will grant you that "dislodged ice particles" does remind one of some of NASA (and the Federal Government, for that matter) better explanations for unexplained phenomenon- "Swamp gas explosions", "Errant weather balloons", and the recently more popular "flares attached to balloons/kites".  But considering that the video in question was released by NASA itself, and taking into account that unlike some other governmental organizations (like the Executive and Legislative branches), NASA tends to pride itself on its nearly obsessive attention to detail (and yes, not releasing a video containing the first photographic evidence of UFOs making contact with an Earthling shuttle would be such a detail).  shuttleShuttle mission specialist Mario Runco (incidentally, he is the astronaut who shot the video in question) spoke out to defend NASA's claim on the video, stating ""If I thought it was an intelligent craft, I'd be the first one to speak up.  I'd want the credit: Mario Runco was the first person in history to conclusively document the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Why would I ever want to keep it secret?"

Of course, the cyber conspiracy theorists (and many UFO believers are also Conspiracy theorists) would take any explanation- no matter how rational and reasoned- given by the Government or any of their departments and renounce it entirely.  It's what they do.  Think of them as our societal canaries in the mine.  As long as they are still chirping, then there is nothing to be worried about.  It's when they stop chirping that we have to be concerned (cause they got taken out because they actually got one of their crack pot theories right).

As for the video, it's nothing more than just more incredible footage by the one thing that the Government does which does not suck balls (which is explore space). 


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