Neat picture of the Space Station "next" to the moon...


Picture of the space station or Darth Vader's Tie Fighter....I found this picture while swimming through the scum and mire that is the interweb, looking for things that I would deem worthy of being something that the Weekly Constitutional takes the time to cover.  It is not anything special really, but it is something really cool to look at and get that tingly insignificant feeling in the pit of your stomach ants must get from time to time.

Space Station in red circle...It is a picture that Yoron Kofer took of the moon, with a rare to join supporting cast member.  The picture shows the moon in the hours just before twilight and right next to the moon, on the lower left hand side , is what can be one to two things : A). a rare view of the International Space Station by the "naked" (as a camera was obviously used) eye or B). Darth's Vader's Tie Fighter doing a few laps around the pool as the Intergalactic Empire's iron fist of oppression beginning its grip on the Earth.

Neat, huh!!!



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