Sun directly linked to global warming....


angry_sunA recent study by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland has come up with a startling conclusion.  Turns out that they think they may have figured out exactly what is causing the world's climates top change, making everything warmer (or colder, depending on your perspective).  And here is the kicker... it is something that mankind can do absolutely nothing to prevent.

Turns out it is the sun that makes everything hot.

The sun.  Go figure.  Who would have think that the humungous ever exploding ball of fiery gases and molten rock that our planet (as well as the other seven planets in our solar system) orbit around is actually directly responsible for making warmer. Wow.  Well, my mind is officially blown.

Is it Al Gore??? Or is it ManBearPig?????According to the study, the researchers concluded that the sun has made the most significant impact on the climate of the Earth, as well as its changes.  Not cow farts or F-150s, Al Gore... the sun.

In the study, researchers traced back solar radiation on the planet as far back as the Industrial Revolution.  And in that tracing back, they noticed that the levels of radiation coincided with solar cycles.  These solar cycles, eleven total, correspond to changes in the Earth's climates, going from eras of ice to eras of dessert.  The changing of solar radiation (and subsequent changes in the Earth's climate) proves to many researchers that the Earth's climate changes because of solar activity, not because of the actions of its inhabitants. 

sun-on-iceOf course, this news isn't going to change anyone's mind when it comes to climate change.  Proponents of the human impact on the Earth's climate will claim that even if the sun is changing the climate, it does not need the added assistance of a polluted atmosphere filled with filthy carbon emissions and cow farts and the smog belched out by the smoke stacks that keep the world's economies chugging along.  Skeptics, on the other hand, take this evidence as proof positive that the changes we have been experiencing within our climate are nothing more than a portion of the natural order of the planet... a system so complex and vast that interference of man, no matter how catastrophic, would do nothing to upset the order. (Granted, in the skeptic view, they mention us being unable to do anything about the natural order of things... they never ever talk about killing ourselves off, which would be the greater concern to be truthful.)


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