Girl sues tattoo artist for unwanted face tattoos...


Kimberly Vlaeminck, freakThis story makes such little sense that when I first came across it I thought it was a joke.

Kimberly Vlaeminck, a teenaged Belgian girl, is suing her tattoo artist, Rouslan Toumaniantz, for tattooing 56 stars to her face.

Now pay attention, because it is quite a mess that we have with this tale of woo.  See Kimberly, who I might add seems like a real go-getter and a sure fired winner in the Game of Life, went to the Tattoo Box (Toumaniantz's tattoo parlor) in order to get three tasteful stars around her left eye.  That's all.  But then she passed out at some point during the session (in which Rouslan would have been dragging and scrapping her face with a rapidly plunging needle) and awoke to find her face covered with not the originally agreed upon 3 stars, but 56 of the fucking things all along the left side of her face.  Horrified, Kimberly stormed out of the Tattoo Box and went home, where she was dumped by her boyfriend, rejected by her father, and now has become a total social outcast.

Toumaniantz has a slightly different recollection of the situation, telling that Daily Mail Online that Kimberly was not only awake throughout the process, but even checked out and commented on the work during the process and at no point was not happy with the work.

Rouslan Toumaniantz"The trouble all started when she went home and her father and boyfriend threw a fit.  They are saying things now like I doped her or hypnotized her. What rubbish!  She asked for 56 stars and that's what she got."

Despite that, Tourmaniantz has offered to assist Kimberly in paying for the laser surgery to have the stars removed from her face.  But Kimberly would like to see a different outcome to this situation, intent on suing Rouslan for ten thousand pounds to make her whole.

What is driving me mad about this is that I can almost see in my head what happened to this poor bastard.  This stupid C walked into his parlor and did in fact ask him to put 56 stars along her face because she wanted to be like Rainbow Brite or some shit.  And she walked out of that joint all happy and content with herself... until she got home and was told the truth about her new look.  And now she has to sue to make it right.  She's just like the broad who will go to a party and get faced and end up fucking some dude and when her boyfriend finds out about it, she claims that she was drunk and sleeping it off when the dude went in there and raped her or some shit.  Just passing the buck on her responsibility to pay for her actions...

Tell me what chance this girl has of not ending up making her money on her back...And beyond that, this stupid fucking gem (not to mention the diseased looker that she allowed to touch her face with a needle) was going to get a face tattoo.  Did she never intend on holding down a job that didn't require her to take off her clothes?  You can't even work at a Waffle House with a face tattoo!  If she would have just gotten a tramp stamp, like every other teenage girl looking for a more noticeable way to tell the world that their father didn't love them enough so they intend to suck and fuck until they fill that ever draining hole in their heart, then none of this would have ever happened.

That being said, there is something shifty about this Rouslan guy.  Maybe it is the enormous spacers in his nostrils or his horrific face tats or the twelve pounds of silver he has dangling from his lips, but I just don't believe a thing that this moron has to say.  I hope the Belgian courts find both of these idiots guilty of watering down the gene pool and executes both of them (and any children that either of them may have born).