Russian first to moon???

apollo11_saluteAmerica has always hung her hat on the fact that while those filthy red Rusky bastards may have been the first to get a man to orbit the planet, it was the Americans and thier fixed eye on the prize, that managed to be the first to get a spacecraft to land on the moon.

soveit_space-programBut newly released recordings of a previously rumored Russian spacecraft shows the word that America won the space race by a nun's 'C' hair.  The recording, made by astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell over three days begining July 21, 1969, are of communications pertaining to the orbiting and attempted landing of the unmanned Russian spaceship.  The spacecraft Luna 15 was reported to be orbiting the moon in a mission to go to the moon, gather moon rocks and soil, and make it back to Earth before the American Apollo 11 mission did.  According to the recordings, the mission ended when the Russians lost control of the ship and it crashed in the lunar surface.

America... the puppet of the Jewish plot to control the world????Now while the Russians may have been the first to orbit the moon, they were doing so with a machine... not with astronauts in a spaceship which even still would have made the American accomplishment that much better (of course, this only applies if the Apollo 11 mission is in fact true and not the creation of Jewish Hollywood producers and the Communists to solidify the reputation of JFK- and the Democratic Party by proxy- in order to counter the staining being caused at the time by the unsavory hippie war protestors or something...)


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