Japanese bear attack on video...


yogi-bear-show-03A bear went ape shit at a Japanese highway rest stop Saturday, injuring nine people before being shot to death by a hunter outside of a souvenir shop... and it is all on tape!

bear attackThe rampage started Saturday afternoon, when a black bear attacked four men just outside of the Japanese mountain town of Nyukana, about 140 miles west of Tokyo.  From there, the crazed bear lumbered his way down the mountain path, coming upon a bus station/souvenir shop.  There the bear continued his blood thirsty attacks, injuring five more people (a combination of people waiting for the bus and employees of the souvenir shop trying to help the injured).  The bear was ultimately shot in the head by hunters who had cornered it, killing it instantly.

As of yet, no one has died due to the attacks (other than the bear of course).

Raw footage has been released by the Associated Press of the attack and the aftermath.  Enjoy! 

In the mist of all this carnage, one cannot help to ask his or herself if this could have all been avoided if those four guys on Saturday would have just given the fucking bear their picnic basket (cheap zing I know...)


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