Turkish man gets hit by a truck AND a train and lives!!!!!


Train getting hit by truckThis is fucking amazing.  If you have not seen this, then by all means you have to follow the bunny hole and check out the video if this poor Turkish bastard getting hit by a train and living!!!


The video, taken from a security camera (which ironically enough seems to have multiple angles, which leads me to think that in a few days the Turkish version of Quinton Tarrentino will emerge from whatever coke binge he is currently on to tell us this is stock footage from his new flick or something), shows a guy wearing a hard hat (which leads me to thin he might have been at work or something) just kind of standing there, minding his own business when he gets broadsided by an 18 wheeler which was being thrown at him by a fucking train.

That's right.  This poor Turk was blindsided by a semi that was hit by a train.  And lived.

When talked to by the media after the incident, he claims to have no knowledge of the event, only knowing that he woke up on the floor with a monster headache.  He also said that he now truly values his life, and cannot wait to marry his fiancée.  Sadly, once he marries her, he will wish that the train had done him in... because getting hit by a train might be better than being married (and this is an American talking... where the grrls are pretty.  Something tells me chicks in Turkey, especially the kinds of chicks that a 43 year old yard worker can pull, are a little rough...).


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