Asteroid almost ends us!!!


Guess what folks????  We came within 48000 miles from being turned into a cosmic incident.  Turns out our planet got buzzed!!!  Nooo, it wasn't Maverick and Goose doing some whacky bit buzzing the tower and forcing us to spill coffee on ourselves.  We almost met our maker.

It seems that an asteroid came within 48000 miles from striking terra firma, or so we are being told by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  The asteroid, named 2009 DD45, was never really all that close to striking us, but it was kind of close (that's about twice the distance from Earth than telecommunication satellites orbit at).  The asteroid, said to be somewhere between 69 to 154 feet in diameter, is about the size of the one that struck in Siberia over a century ago and cleared out about 800 miles of forrest.

What should have you worried is not that an asteroid passed us by so closely, but that NASA only noticed it two days before it became an issue.  If we are to believe anything that we have learned, it will take at least a month to launch Bruce Willis up to the surface of that thing to have any chance of surviving.


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