Has Scientology been exposed???


scientology-crossHoly Sci-fi faith!!!

Living in the Tampa Bay area, one has no choice but to be wary of the Scientologists. 

Sure, the popular vision of Scientology is a bunch of smiling celebrities talking about how anti-depressants and psychotherapy is what holds Men from achieving their fullest potential and how only by following the complete teaching of L. Ron Hubbard's made up sci-fi (allegedly) religion have they been able to get a grip on their lives- thus equating whatever success they have with the made up alien (allegedly).  And that's all well and good...

But going along with all those sunny, happy "Scientology made my life better" stories, you have some disturbing insidious ones.

protestTales of Scientologists intimidating the non -believers and skeptics...

Rumors of asset collection and other very "Cult-like" practices (for their non-celebrity members anyway)...

Whispers of strange high level dogma straight out of a George Lucas flick- of aliens running away from a dying home world, the creation of human life, and gods (both good ones and bad ones) hiding out inside of Earth's volcanoes...

martin-bashirAnd it was the attempt by ABC Nightline correspondent Martin Bashir to make sense of some of those "misconceptions" and  "misunderstandings" about the Scientology faith (which has been running quite a few TV spots lately...) that has brought the Church of Scientology back into the controversy light.

During the interview with Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis, Bashir asked about some of the wackier rumored beliefs of Scientologists.  At about the 2:45 mark, you get Davis' answer...

Telling huh???

For those of you who are reading ahead, when asked by ABC News if in fact his faith is one based on a belief that humanity was spawned by an alien criminal running away with the souls of other aliens whom he tossed int a volcano and it is in fact the remnant of these souls Tommy Davis, looking all master of the universe...which cause humans to have their short comings, Mr. Davis got up and left.  Prior to the walking off and leaving, Mr. Davis also got very flustered... much like the pod people do in the various Invasion of the Body Snatchers incarnation floating around.  But as telling as the huffing and puffing and -in my opinion overacted- protests to the nature of the questions, his reaction to the straight forward asking of "Does your religion believe in all this weird shit?", he didn't answer it.  He walked away.

Of course the Church of Scientology will spin the whole walking off thing as the proper thing to do- the Scientology version of Reagan walking away from a meeting with the Russians back in the day.  They will say that Mr. Davis was acting in the best way possible, not even bothering to dignify a question of that nature.  But why should they?

It is the whole secret thing that causes the problems and leads to the misunderstandings.  If you don't believe in aliens living in volcanoes then say you don't believe in aliens in volcanoes.

I don't believe in aliens in volcanoes.

There.  See how easy that was?

No need to hem and haw and throw a hissy fit or act like as if by saying you do not believe in aliens living in volcanoes you would be breaking key pillar of your faith.  I mean what is the worst thing that can happen.

So you believe in aliens... big fucking deal.


Is it any more improbable than Jesus rising from the dead?  Or Moses parting the Red Sea?  Is it any more unbelievable that the idea of a Kingdom in the Clouds where all the good people go?  Or of 70 virgins greeting you as you arrive to said city if you murdered for your faith? 

In comparison to all that, it might make more sense to believe in aliens...


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