The Rich are going to Evolve in the future!!!


saffo-glassesAn American Futurologist, Paul Saffo, is claiming that in the future the superrich are going to evolve into a new species.  He feels that this evolution will be the result of an increasing dependence on the technological advancements, especially in the realm of health care.

In an article in the UK Telegraph, Saffo claims that in the near future the extremely wealthy will be able to grow new organs, genetically engineer away undesirable traits and hereditary conditions, and -if all else fails- use cybernetic technology to fix the inherent flaws in our genetic make-up (and lack of durability).

borgIn short...

We have the technology to rebuild you... make you stronger, faster, better...

But just cause the future sounds like science fiction does not mean it is devoid of all reality.   They may be able to make us immortal (or at the very least our parts interchangeable), but they are going to charge you a pretty fucking penny.

And here is where Saffo's nightmare comes into play.  Due to these alterations (be it as simple as an increased dependence to robotic assistance to the full array of genetic engineering and cybernetic captain-caveman1alteration applicable), these Superrich will begin to evolve, leaving the rest of us littles to wander in the primordial ooze.

Now before we lose our minds and preemptively lynch the Hiltons and the Kennedys for the unfair advantages their vast fortunes will bring them, let us remember that these predictions are being made by a Futurologist.

Now, riddle me this...

Exactly what is a freaking Futurologist? 

Where exactly do you go to study the future?  Hogwarts?  Out in the Tibetan mountains like the Golden child??

Any random idiot can run around claiming that technology will cause the superrich to have a greater life expectancy.  They are rich.  We have always known that money can buy anything.  Now we know that even Death has a price.  And apparently, this one did.

morlocksBut unless Mr. Saffo can produce the Time Machine that he used to observe the Morlock great-great-great grandchild of Paris Hilton, these claims amount to nothing more that the grasps of a crackpot better left for the late night AM talk shows.


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