New book looks to prove validity of Shroud of Turin...


shroud-of-turinA little over a month ago, an Italian scientist did a little heretical razzle dazzle (also known as science) to recreate the legendary Shroud of Turin using methods widely known in the Middle Ages in order to prove the legendary wrappings of Jesus Christ were nothing more than an elaborate medieval hoax.

But a Vatican researcher has fired back, insisting (in a new book, I might add) that she has new evidence to prove the authenticity of the relic.

In her new book, Vatican researcher Barbara Frale claims that through the usage of computer enhances images of the Shroud, she was babs-fraleable to discover Greek, Latin, and Aramaic words faintly written all over the fabric.

Babs claims that words like [J]esu[s] Nazarene (or Jesus of Nazareth in Greek) are written all over the cloth and that because of those inscriptions there is no way that the garment could be the medieval hoax that Shroud deniers would like to have the world believe. She claims that if in fact the forgery was made in the Middle Ages, the name of Jesus would not have appeared without some mention to his Divinity (such as Jesus, the Son of God).  To have His name appear in such a manner would be heresy.  It is the belief of Mrs. Frale that these inscriptions are a sort of "death certificate" after the Lord's crucifixion, as was the Roman custom. 

"Even someone intent on forging a relic would have had all the reasons to place the signs of divinity on this object.  Had we found 'Christ' or the 'Son of God' we could have considered it a hoax, or a devotional inscription."

Of course, there is no thought to the idea that someone intent on forging the Messiah's death shroud would not give much of a shit about the heretical nature of the appearance of the name of Jesus.  I mean, he is forging a holy relic as it is (and more than likely for money)... How he presents Jesus' name is not even a blip on his radar.


Shroud deniers claim that carbon dating shows without a shadow of a doubt that the Shroud dates back to around the 15th century (roughly, around fifteen hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ).  For its part in this, the Catholic Church has not claimed the authenticity of the garment, stating that the article only shows the suffering of Jesus for the sins of Man.

Between you and I (cause I know that only the super cool people read this site), this sounds like nothing more to me than an elaborate hoax by this Barbara Frale broad to move some copies of her God awful book...

[Unless Mrs. Frale is willing to do an interview for the Constitutional, in which case she is a rational and sane women being shouted down by the secular non-believers in the interest of keeping true evidence of the Divinity of Christ away from the people.]


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