Family snaps picture of Bigfoot!!!!

harryhendersonsOn October 24th, Minnesota resident Tim Kedrowski and his sons, Peter and Casey, set up some game cameras all along their hunting land.  They were hoping for a few pictures of bucks but ended up capturing what may be the evidence that crypto-zoologists have send years looking for...

At 7:20 pm, on that rainy October night, an image was snapped on one of the cameras on the northern end of Tim's property.  The image the camera cause stunned Tim and his family and has the potential to prove the existence of a myth.

Tim got what appears to be a picture of what appears to be a very tall man covered in some sort of matted hair. For a while Tim convinced himself that the image was that of a very thin bear or of a bow hunter who has wandered on his property by mistake.  But as Tim and his sons examined the photo closer, they could no longer believe it to be a bear or a hunter. 


They had themselves a picture of a Bigfoot!

"It was deer season and we wanted to concentrate on deer hunting, and (we) really wanted to talk to people in the area and ... make sure they weren't scamming us," Tim said. "We're not 100 percent sure, obviously. After visiting with (Sherman and Olson) we feel they've done a lot more investigation. That's why we put it in their hands."

bob-olsenThe Sherman and Olson whom Tim Kedrowski is referring to are Don Sherman and Bob Olson of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team (and by Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team is a nice way of saying "Guys with horrible lives to spend their free time (of which they probably have a lot) chasing after imaginary things").

Tim chose to put the photo (as well as his story) into the loving hands of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Society after speaking with Sherman and Olson and hearing about their extensive research into the local phenomena (Sherman claims that the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team has been taking many reports of Bigfoot sightings, including four this year).

Of course, odds are this is nothing more than a hoax with either the family looking to cash in on the whole ordeal or are the subject of a cruel practical joke intended on making these people look like fools. 

Why all the scoffs about Bigfoot...

While researching this story (and of course, expressing my excitement over having found the picture to my fiancé, who could have cared less), I kept coming across this sort of "oh you poor little retard" style of pandering that I found rather frustrating.  Why is it when someone says that they believe in "Bigfoot" or claim that they have seen "Bigfoot" we- as a society- all tend to scoff at them (for the most part).

Is it so hard to believe that an entire species of animal, which I might add is reported on in almost every continent [Antarctica excluded], might have gone unnoticed?  It seems to me that scientists are coming out every other week announcing the discovery of some new species of critter (or a species previously thought to have been extinct) in some forgotten pocket of a South American jungle.  That being said, is it not then possible for there to be a species of "ape-man" hunkering down in the savage lands of the Canada and northern portion of the United States?  I mean, for crying out loud, Osama bin Laden has a $25 million price on his head and has every military and intelligence resource available to the greatest army the world has ever known and we still cannot find him... AND WE KNOW WHERE TO START LOOKING FOR HIM!!!!  So if our military is unable to locate a six and a half foot tall Arab on dialysis with all of our technology and resources, then how exactly do we expect a bunch of rednecks on a shoestring budget to track down a Bigfoot that might be in some woodland somewhere on the North American continent?.

We forget that despite the appearance of a few scattered metropolises along the US/Canadian border, the majority of that area is all relatively untamed wildernesses (especially Canada).  And if it is possible for scientists to find new species of critters in lonely, untouched places such as that in other parts of the world, then would it not then be just as possible (not probable, but possible) for such a scenario to occur here?  And if it is in fact possible (again, not probable, but possible), then what exactly is so laughable about a family of rednecks capturing a picture of this previously unknown creature on a camera set up within said creature's natural habitat?

70s-bigfootOf course, the history of hucksters out trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American population with frozen gorilla suites stuffed in their freezers and unstable men stomping around in the savage lands in giant plaster footprint makers would lead one to believe the smart money would be on some sort of chicanery.  But it is important for us to remember that not every unexplained picture is a jackass traipsing about in a monkey suit.