Antibiotics and disinfectants are making bateria stronger!!!


supergermsFor years now, I have thought that this whole Purell, anti-bacterial, hyper germ sensitivity movement in America was something to be concerned with.  The desire for Americans (especially white suburban housewives with nothing better to worry about)to create almost sterile living environments for their precious little snowflakes to grow up in could not be a good thing, I thought, figuring that it would be better for us- as a species- to get used to living with the germs as opposed t going out of our way to kill the germs and bacteria.


war_worlds_spielberg_43_xBefore today though these where the half cocked ramblings of some paranoid stoner using the ending to The War of the Worlds as the reason for not washing his hands after going to the bathroom.  But thanks to the recent findings of a research team, they may not be anymore...


Turns out that all the Purell (as well as other such products) that many within our society have chosen to drinking-purellbaptize ourselves in was not making our lives more sterile but rather making the germs much stronger.


Here's the science...


While trying to figure out why Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, a bacteria which commonly hamstrings the treatments of people with weakened immune systems, was so resistant to treatment researchers came to a stunning conclusion.  Turns out that the bacteria were able to not only adapt to living within the disinfectants (as well as many types of antibiotics used to treat them), but that these adaptations would later cause mutations within the bacteria, rendering the bacteria unkillable.


"In principle this means that residue from incorrectly diluted disinfectants left on hospital surfaces could promote the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria," said lead researcher Gerard Fleming of the National University of Ireland in Galway. "What is more worrying is that bacteria seem to be able to adapt to resist antibiotics without even being exposed to them.  We need to investigate the effects of using more than one type of disinfectant on promoting antibiotic-resistant strains.  This will increase the effectiveness of both our first and second lines of defense against hospital-acquired infections."


And it is not just Pseudomonas aeruginosa that is doing this...


The results of this research, published in the upcoming January issue of Microbiology, refers to the growing trend of "super bugs" (microbes which have become somewhat drug resistant), referencing recent cases of hospitals engaging in  sometimes deadly staph-infectionsbattles with drug resistant strains of staphococcus aureus (commonly known as "Staph Infection").


Weighing in on the matter, the center for disease control and prevention believes that the overuse (and misuse) of antibiotics is a major factor in the growing emergence of new drug resistant bacteria and 'super bugs"


To me, it just seems logical to assume that if we are relying on a chemical to keep our bodies free from germs then at some point we are not going to be ready to fight these same germs off when there is no germ killing chemicals available.  I mean, if movies have taught us nothing, they have taught us human human-evolutionsurvival on this planet was something that we, as a species, have had to earn over centuries of adaption to the various microbes and germs that lurk along the Earth's surface.  And as these various microscopic villains adapt to surviving among our ever changing world so too does our internal abilities to combat these germs and such as they come up.  Or at least that is how it is supposed to work. 


But with a generation of Americans bathing themselves in disinfectants and running to the doctor for a dose of antibiotics every time they get a sniffle or a cough, it looks like the germs are getting stronger than our natural ability to contend with these microbes and germs. 


And sadly, or world is a world where only the strong and most suitable for survival will in fact survive...


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