Wanna take a bus tour of South Central?

california_gang_membersThings to do the next time I am visiting Los Angeles: visit the Chinese theater, heck out rodeo drive, take the South Central us tour…

You read that right.  For a scant $65, slant eyed tourists and wanna be Gs the world over can check out the legendary mean streets of South Central LA from the safety and comfort of a tour bus.  Lunch is also provided…

alfredlomas_smallLA Gang Tours, created and run by reformed former gang member Alfred Lomas, promises to give riders a firsthand view of the gritty streets of South central, immortalized in gangster rap lyrics and crime dramas of the early and mid 90s.

Though claiming to have negotiated “safe passage” through the various gang territories, Lomas does ask all of his riders to signal release form… in case shit goes down…

doughboymonsterdookie1Of course, local politicians scoff at the idea, worried that the Gang Tour does more to glorify the criminal lifestyle of the gang members than it does to stimulate the local economy.  (Not to mention the sheer stupidity of driving a bus load of tourists, who by definition have some money on them, through one of the most crime ridden parts of the city…)

What I don’t understand is exactly why people would want to go on such a tour…

I get maybe why visitors from the Orient might want to go on this, as thy may have never seen a black person before other than in the movies.

And I could see where the tour itself might be worth a few laughs:

menace-ii-society_l“On your left, that’s where them slavs too out Lil’ Ray an’ O’Dell.”

“Recognize that alley? That’s right! It’s the alley where o-Dog gunned down Cheeseburger rafter he offered to suck Dog’s dick for a crack rock.”

But all that considered, something tells me that the odds are very much in favor of the 65 bucks you handed over to go on this tour won’t be the only thing getting stolen before it is all said and done.


To learn more or maybe book a seat on the gang war bus, please to be checking out their site: http://www.lagangtours.com/index.htm


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