CERN set to start working...

ps3mushroomclownprintScience is once again preparing to put all of us at risk in order to unravel the secrets of the universe. Over the next few days, scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are going to be restarting the 3.9 billion euro Large Haldron Collider (LHC) after shutting it down for maintenance in December.

cern_lhc_tunnel"We should be getting beams back in the LHC between Monday and Wednesday, with the first high energy collisions - so the real start of the research program - coming two to four weeks later," CERN spokesman James Gillies told AFP.

"This is as scheduled when we switched off in December."


cernIntended to try and recreate the conditions following the "Big Bang" that got this whole universe thing going, the partial collider is housed inside of a 16.8 mile subterranean tube situated on the border of Switzerland and France, just outside of Geneva. 

The hope for this start up is to try and reach an energy level of 7.0 teraelectronvolts [TeV] (their previous record high reached at CERN has been a level of 2.36 TeV), though many in the tinfoil tinfoil-hathat movements might add that opening a doorway into another dimension or a creating a world collapsing black hole were also on their lists of things to do at CERN.

The expressed purpose of the scientific global initiative going on at CERN is stated that it is there to resolve many issues in physics - especially quantum physics- as well as explaining the roles played by "dark matter" and "dark energy" in the universe as well as locating the ever elusive "God Particle"- thought to be how particles acquire mass as well as the key to the whole "How we got here" question.


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