Borneo river snake pictures were phonies!!!


Bullshit!!!!Well, aren't we the assholes...

A few weeks ago, we reported on what we thought was photographic proof that a one hundred foot snake, with the head of a dragon and a taste for humyn flesh that cruised the rivers of Borneo had been taken. 

But The Daily Mail is reporting that the pictures are in fact a hoax.


That's right!  Those pictures were total phonies... and apparently even Mike Moffit thinks so.

Internet investigator, like Nathan Chadwich - a Kansas librarian and reported virgin- claimed that the picture was doctored.  Chadwich states that the picture was easy enough to prove a fake (it works better if you say that line aloud in your best "Basement of the Science Building" voice).  All he had to do was go to a website called Tineye, upload the picture, and after a complex process unable to be comprehended by people who have seen a member of the opposite sex naked before, you come up with where the pictures point of origin was. 

Turns out that this picture:

River snake???

Was originally a picture of the Congo River, in Afrika, and (of course) did not have a one hundred foot man eating snake in it).

And this picture:

River snake???

Was originally submitted to an internet photo doctoring contest in 2002, where it lost.

Despite the photos being disproved, the Constitutional is still inclined to believe the simple people of Borneo, who claim that for centuries their people have been getting eaten by this giant dragon-snake, because, well... it is a better world to live in if it is a world where people get eaten by giant dragon-snakes.


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