British Government no longer looking into UFO sightings...

close-third-kindWhile the truth may very well be out there, Britain’s ministry of Defense (MoD) is seeing to it that Britain’s never get to the bottom of it.

According to newly released policy documents, Britain’s MoD has decided to close the department for collecting (and looking into I imagine) all claims for unidentified flying objects.  The new policy is for MoD to collect the reports, hold on to them for a period of thirty days and destroy them in order to no longer have to answer questions about the unexplained happenings.

On a memo dated November 11, 2009, the MoD cites a need to put the resources being used in that department would be of better use in "More valuable" defense related activities.  It also expresses a desire in having the public stop sending reports detailing the strange sightings.

'xf-102'The dedicated UFO hotline answer phone service and e-mail address serve no defense purpose, and merely encourage the generation of correspondence of no defense value.  Accordingly these facilities should be withdrawn as soon as possible...

Reported sightings received from other sources should be answered by a standard letter and... should be retained for 30 days and then destroyed, largely removing any future FoI liability and negating the need to release future files post-November 30 2009.''

The cut in staff comes after a year where Great Brittan recorded a record 634 UFO sightings (second highest since the 750 reported in 1978).  The annual average number for sightings is about 150.)

But just cause an important Western power has decided to completely and totally disregard the strange goings on in the skies above might be perceived as an attempt to cover up something (like say the coming invasion by our alien overlords...), MoD decided that maybe this is the type of thing better left done in the cover of dark:

men-in-black-neuralizer''We have deliberately avoided formal approaches to other Governments on this issue.  Such approaches would become public when the relevant UFO files are released, and would be viewed by 'ufologists' as evidence of international collaboration and conspiracy.''


Because it worked so well for the American government is dissuading wing nuts in believing in vast global conspiracies by not collecting information on unidentified flying objects (the US government has not collected UFO reports since 1968).UFO-ologists are going to think this is going to signify cooperation in a vast global conspiracy to deny the existence of extraterrestrial life because they think everything done by the government that they do not understand is part of a vast global conspiracy to deny the existence of alien life. 

ufo-windmillWhile I am usually among those wing nuts who believes that everything is a vast conspiracy to enslave Men (either for the means of aliens or the means of evil men, depending on the conspiracy I am buying into at the time), I am rational enough to believe that in these tight economic ties some things have to be cut.  And while I believe that the final days of Man are upon us and that our alien overlords will soon be in control, I also realize that looking into these things are among the least important of the important things, thus cutable. 

lightorbs-ukBut there is a part of me that feels there has to be some Inspector Clouseau type just hanging out in Scotland Yard... a limey version of Fox Mulder that they can have looking into these kinds of things.  600 some odd claims of strange happenings in the sky can't all be the result of soccer induced drinking benders.  I remember writing about some of the things happening in the skies of Brittan.  Windmills getting mysteriously smashed up, glowing orbs dancing in the horizon, and still unexplained intricate crop circles were all reported last year; all of which, I might add, were ignored and disregarded by the British government.

But apparently there are better usages for low wage phone answerers already answering the phone taking calls about creepy Arabs lurking around the harbors at night.    


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