Picture of a Vancouver Bigfoot!!!

bigfoot-and-the-hendersonsHas Bigfoot been photographed again???

A Canadian Bigfoot researcher claims that he may have snapped a photograph of the world's most elusive hominid.


randybrissonWell known Canadian crypto-zoologist Randy Brisson reportedly sent this photograph to two Russian colleagues, Ivan Burtsev and Dmitry Bayanov, who in turn released the photograph to Pravda.

According to the Russians, Randy Brisson took this photo of what he claims is a Bigfoot peaking out through the woods around Pitt Lake, near Vancouver.  brisson-adult-trackBrisson also claims that he and his son found several rather large footprints near the scene, as well as smaller ones running alongside the large prints.  It is Brisson's hypothesis that these prints belong to a parent and child Bigfoot that happened to be walking around the area.  babytrackrayBrisson claims he and his son didn't follow the tracks fearing that the family of imaginary creatures had been agitated after a couple had thrown rocks at them and that trailing the spooked creatures might be dangerous.

For their part in all of this, the Russians stated to Pravda that they have never known Randy Brisson to make things up during the course of their work with him.


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