Chinese midget commune is really a midget themed fun park...

american-midgetsLast September, we told you about a midget commune the southern China Mountains outside of the city of Kunming and how the residences there all live in these tiny houses and dress in these odd costumes.   A place for Chinese midget scorned by their Chinese brethren to live in a "their sized' world, it became something of a Chinese tourist trap (much like the circus midget communes reported in the backwoods of Pennsylvania and Virginia).

willow-movieWell it turns out that it wasn't a Willow based cut, as we had previously believed, but rather part of midget themed tourist trap in china, one that hopes to one day draw thousands to watch midget antics going on in this magical world of wee folk.  The Kingdom of Little People, a Chinese theme park where for about nine bucks a head "normies" get to wander around a 13,000 acre "mini world" complete with tiny animals and plant life as well as oddly dressed midgets, is the brain child of Chinese business man and midget lover, Chen Mingjing.

“It will be like a fairy tale,” Mr. Chen said. “Everything here I have designed myself.


Far yet from his true vision, Chen's park thus far consists of some 33 tiny houses (think wizard of Oz meets Dr. Seuss) where the residents of the "Enchanted kingdom" pretend to work, a hall for the midget shows, and size specific housing for the residents to live in when they are off the clock.

Sounds like a midget paradise, don't it??? 

Not to American bleeding hearts it don't...

Gary Arnold, spokesperson for Little People of America, Inc- a support group for dwarves- has come out against the Kingdom of Little People.

“I think it is horrible. What is the difference between it and a zoo?”

The answer, of course, is that unlike a lion, midgets won't eat you (but if boiled do produce a very potent sleepy time tea)... but I digress...

Despite the objections of Mr. Arnold and other western midget rights groups, to the 100 plus little people who make a good living delighting tourists within the tiny kingdom, the theme park is a God send.

“Before, when we were at home, we didn’t know anyone our size. When we hang out together with normal-size people, we cannot really do the same things.  So I really felt lonely sometimes," states Wu Zhihong, a 20 year old resident and performer in the Little Kingdom who also claims that the fact that all the residents can easily use things like a sink or toilet in their mini world is as big an advantage to living at the park as the steady paycheck and 'sense of belonging" of being around people like her delivers.  Cao Yu, Mr. Chen's assistant claims that not only is everyone currently employed by the park very happy to be there but that she received as many as three to four applications for employment a week.

“Under the current social situation in China, they really will not be able to find a better employment situation,” she said.

littlechinaCEN_450x300“It doesn’t really matter to me what other people say.  The question is whether meeting me has changed their lives," states park owner Mr. Chen, finding the solace he gets out of the self respect and independence he gives to his employees in his mini world helps him sleep well at night as much as his mattress stuffed with money does. 

But what of all the silly midget dances, hi-jinx, and butt shaking in pink tutus done in order to delight the tourist whose dollars are needed to make this mini world a reality that the American midget group was talking about.

Mr. Chen believes that the shows do not ridicule his tiny employees but rather teaches a lesson in overcoming hardships while delighting the audience in funny situations and well played slapstick.

“The first time I wore that, I felt really awkward,” said Chen Ruan, 20, who used to collect refuse with his parents before working at the park. “But then I got up on stage and people liked it. People were applauding and I felt proud.”

As of yet, Kingdom of Little People has yet to attract the throngs of fans Chen and his diminutive labor would be needing in order to keep their theme park/commune a reality, only attracting a dozen or so people per show.  But in time, and with a little midget luck, hopefully there will be a bright future for these little people in this big world.

A Closing Thought...

world-longest-midget-tossLike we said in the first time we talked about these Chinese midgets and their commune, I still don't see what the big freaking deal is with this place.  It’s not about exploitation, it is all about comfort.  Has our society gotten so lost in being politically correct that we cannot see how midgets might want to live in a midget sized world? Not for nothing, but wouldn't you like to live in a place where everything was made for you to use it, not for some insensitive giant who not only makes everything his sized but then tells you that in order for you to be independent and filled with your God given dose human dignity you have to look like a toddler trying to experience the adult world?  Midgets are not like everyone else.  They are little.

The idea that people are having an issue with a midget sized world (and subsequent themed fun park) is just a sign of the pervading lack of common sense found in our politically correct culture.  People are different, and acknowledging it is not a sign of discrimination... it is part of being an observant human being.


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