Telepathic computers capable of reading minds!!!!!

brain_scanSome of you out there like to argue with my so called "paranoid delusion" of the coming Robot War 9s well as our subsequent defeat in said war), claiming that for me to believe so ardently that we (as a species) stand little to no chance in our coming war against the machines is just madness...

This story proves you rosy eyed optimists wrong...

Telepathic computers are capable of reading human minds!!!

machine-warComputers capable of figuring out thought patterns- essentially figuring out that people are thinking- by merely scanning them.  If that isn’t Terminator 2 shit then I have no idea what is then...

This research (not done by Skynet, I might add) is part of the continuing work of the tem who last year used a similar technique to track the movements of a human through a virtual room.  being called a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence technologies by Ivory Tower types, this technology has limitless applications in the field of lie detection, crime prevention, and of course mind control (for example, the manufacturing [or removing] of memories) .

According to a study, published in an online edition of Current Biology, the researchers placed ten volunteers inside an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner which records brain activity by measuring changes in blood flow within the brain, while memorizing a series of answers to questions.  They were then asked to recall these answers, with the machine predicting their responses with about 50% accuracy- statistically well above the probability of mere chance.

1_61_mind_scan_1"In our previous experiment we were looking at basic memories, at someone's location in an environment," states Prof Eleanor Maguire, member of the team and a professor at the University college of London.

"... What is more interesting is to look at 'episodic' memories – the complex, everyday memories that include much more information on where we are, what we are doing and how we feel.  We've been able to look at brain activity for a specific episodic memory — to look at actual memory traces. We found our memories are definitely represented in the hippocampus.  Now that we've seen where they are, we have an opportunity to understand how memories are stored and how they may change through time."


It does not take a mind too burned away on conspiracy and governmental mistrust to see where such technology would have very dubious application, in regards to the freedom of the powerless.  Simple applications of the technology, such as in security and lie detection, has already been mentioned by its discoverers as some of the uses for such high end computer technology.  But when the idea of not only figuring out how the mind works, but how to write in memories of their own starts becoming part of the research the time for concern has arrived. 

Tin_foil_hat_2By this point, I am sure many of you more rational minded folks have already started rolling your eyes...yet another overly concerned internet based article about how the government has developed technology intended to control the mind of the citizens.  But how you read that governments are excited to find out about a computer capable of not only predicting human responses but has the capability to read minds (as well as maybe writing the memories it wants people to have) and not see how this is an aggressive move by Big brother to control its subjects is beyond me.

I mean... it's not like the government wouldn't love to have a nation of mind controlled citizens under their control...


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