Floating pyramids in the skies of Columbia too!!!!

Gaza aliensYesterday, this website presented you with not one but two (that's right... TWO) videos of strange phenomenon in the skies above China and Russia.  Both videos featured a strange pyramid like object floating in the sky.  The floating pyramid, which look to some people like cartoon sized kites while to others appear to resemble the Imperial Star Destroyers from the original Star Wars series. 

Today, as I was wading through the piles of skeptics and non-believers’ emails I came across this little ditty.

Turns out floating pyramids are not just for communist countries (and I am well aware that Russia is no longer the USSR, but as far as I am concerned those vodka swilling sum-bitches will always be Red to me...).   Over the city of Bogota, Columbia another floating pyramid shape was seen in the sky.

This video, shot by a local news team on March 13, 2010, claims that the object had also been seen in the skies above Venezuela but that bombastic almost dictator Hugo Chavez had his air force chase it away (it is important to note that Hug Chavez is a known liar).

This would be the third time in four months that a floating pyramid has been seen in the skies of various cities around the world.


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