UFO seen in Australian sky???

australia031810I found this footage digging around the seedy underbelly of the internet. It’s a video of an unidentified flying object flying around in the Australian skies. 

An Australian man took this video of a UFO zipping around the Australian sky on Mrch 18, 2010, being chased y a RAAF jet. All of the sudden, the UFO vanishes in a brilliant flash of light.

Why not check out the video...

See that?

It just blinks off in a brilliant flash of purple light.  Neat huh...

Now, was the object in the sky an extraterrestrial craft, just another of the increasingly more frequently seen alien sightings... Or was it an inter-dimensional craft... popping in to our dimension either on purpose or by happenstance.  

Only time will tell...

Below is a copy of the statement that has been attached to the video shown above. 

For the record, I have no idea what I saw in that video.

Here is the statement that accompanied the video footage from this day of March 18th 2010
At just after 1 o'clock Thursday 18th march as editing at my computer a sound of a jet alerted me to grab my camera and video the following footage from my verandah. The RAAF jet heading westward toward Singleton, flying low over the river was caught on video for 13 seconds, as I looked up from loosing the jet from view to the trees I caught sight of the following entities traversing from north to south in the western sky. As videoing it I assume it sighted the RAAF jet and faded, then "blinked out" as seen on this video.
The units were not sighted again as searching the sky for the next 20 minutes failed to sight either of them again.

The DoD acknowledged aircraft in the location but would not comment as to their activity in regard to the UFO / Dimensional Entities sighting, radar detection or any other information I requested.

Since then a radio interview on Sydney 2sm station with Graeme Gilbert was carried out, the local Mercury Newspaper has the story coming out tomorrow and TV stations have preview stills and awaiting confirmation from them.
My night session after the interview was very busy as excitement was apparent with the entities aware of the possibility of acknowledgment and a dozen or more entities displayed for me, the video still to be run and sighted as yet. On one instance a entity posed in my laser beam for near half a minute and things were slightly erratic. More when the video is viewed. Thank you.


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