CERN makes a boom-boom...

cern-tubeAnother atom smashed at the Large Hadron collider (LHC), another step closer to unlocking the secrets to the universe... or is it one step closer to ending us all in a matter of milliseconds...

Tuesday, Scientists at the world's largest atom smasher crashed two protons beams into one another, producing three times the energy than they have ever produce before.  This experiment,  done in conditions similar to those occurring in space just moments after the "Big Bang" event is said to have taken place, is intended to one day explain how the universe began.

michio-kaku"This is a huge step toward unraveling Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 1 — what happened in the beginning," physicist Michio Kaku said.  "This is a Genesis machine. It'll help to recreate the most glorious event in the history of the universe."

The experiments being done within the 17 mile subterranean tube buried between the Franco-Swiss borders are hoping to answer the questions stemming around the creation of our universe.

"This is the Jurassic Park for particle physicists," said Phil Schewe, a spokesman for the American Institute of Physics. He called the collider a time machine. "Some of the particles they are making now or are about to make haven't been around for 14 billion years."

The experiments Tuesday were a first step to unlocking those secrets, smashing protons and creating explosions seven million times more than your typical nuclear reaction (thought according to Dr. Kaku due to the scale of the explosion, it carried the force of two mosquitoes colliding).

explosionPlanetIf these current experiments going on at CERN are not enough to keep you up at night, be aware that these are just the first of many experiments they have planned for the LHC.  Other experiments include the attempt to discover the "God Particle" (believed to be responsible for creation of the universe), the discovery of "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy", and the creation of a mini-black hole (believed by some to be capable of falling to the center of the Earth and sucking the Earth into its extreme gravitational vortex, killing us all in an amazing implosion). 

Now I am well aware that I am the last one who should be commenting on this CERN stuff.  Hell, my pea sized brain can barely process the proper tip to give to the pizza delivery man, let alone wrap itself around the complex formulations necessary to understand exactly what they are trying to prove within the LHC.  All that being said, every time I read a story about the goings on at CERN, the words of Ian Malcolm, chaos theorists from Jurassic Park, ring through my head:

ian_malcolm"... You guys got so caught up in what you could do that you never stopped to ask yourself if you should..."

Just something to think about...


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