Are UFOs conected with the Chilean earthquake???

UFO-SightingsA news report from a Chilean news agency is making a claim that might come as a shock to the non-UFO believing world.  Apparently Chileans believe that the recent earthquakes (like the one which struck their nation) might have something to do with the strange happenings in the skies above Chile.

UFO-ologists have long heard of the strange phenomenon going on in the skies above Chile.  Strange lights, orbs, and other odd flying objects trace the Chilean horizon, all going on with the Chilean people being aware of it.

But after the February quake with rocked the South American nation, new attention is being paid to these unidentified flying objects (which, the report alleges were seen in the sky frequently prior to and subsequently after the earthquakes).  Some of the people in the nation believe that the UFOs might have had something to do with the earthquake (whether having caused it or there to observe it or something).

The footage is shown in Spanish, so if you do not speak the language following along with the report might not be possible, but watch the video anyways as there is some amazing footage which the report alleges to be footage of sightings of these strange happenings in the sky just before and since the earthquakes.



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