Bigfoots mating in Florida???

skunk-apeNothing like the warmth of spring to get those juices flowing...

All animals feel the urge to "make the beast with two backs" a little stronger during those first warm days of spring...

Why would it be any different for Bigfoots?

bigfoot12largeAn RV park in Florida is claiming to be surrounded by horny Skunk Apes (a smaller, stinkier, southern cousin of the larger Bigfoots, known to live in the swamps and marshlands of the southern United states), all trying to get their collective humps on. 

skunk-ape-research-headquartersDan Shealy, owner of an RV park in Ochopee, Florida and leader in the field of Skunk Ape research, claims that between 7 to 9 of the legendary creatures are roaming the woods "in his parts', and that usually elusive creatures can be more easily seen this time of year as they are driven mad with a deep desire to bone.

Shealy reports that several campers in the area have been reporting strange sounds in the night believed by Dave to be the mating call of the Skunk Ape.  he also claims that while no attacks have been reported yet women entering the area Skunkape2should take note that the typically shy Skunk Ape might be attracted to the scent of a woman's menstrual cycle or wet panties hung to dry.

"That’s like raising a flag and inviting them in.”


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