New Zealand man attacked by vampires!!!

vampire-eyes-smTwo people are being held and a third is being sought after in New Zealand.  The trio is accused of apparently knocking out a guy and trying to drink his blood.

That's right folks... fucking vampires...

James Phillip Brooks, 22, and Xenia Gregoriana Borichevsky, 19, were both remanded on bail without entering a plea.  A warrant was issued for 19 year old "vampire" James Eric Orr, who didn't show up for the arraignment. 

If convicted, the trio could face 14 years in jail.

Convicted of what, you may ask...

TR Nosferatu 080429Well, on February 20, the three accused supposedly attacked an unidentified man and tried o drink his blood.  The man reportedly passed out during all the biting and sucking.

It gets weirder.

According to Brooks, the biting was less consumption and more a battle tactic.

Outside of his court hearing, Brooks had a lot to say about the case and how it as being reported.

"That wasn't me... Do I look like a vampire? I'm out during the daytime.  I may look like a punk but I'm not a punk. I'm just different.  Yeah, I bit a guy. He hit on my missus. My girlfriend and my mate were biting him.  If I'd hit him, I'd have really hurt him, so I thought I'll bite him seeing as they're already biting him."

Brooks also claims that despite the repeated bites, blood drinking was never on the agenda.


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