Follow up on New Jersey UFO...

nj-ufo-tuesSoooo...maybe it was a weather balloon...

Last week we all wondered just what that strange black thing as in the skies of Somerville New Jersey.  Well, it seems like we might have an answer...

A kind reader sent up a link the other day in regards to a story we had covered on a strange ighting in the skies over New Jersey and it leads us to this interesting thing:

s-b3It is an advertisement for a 60 foot black tube (very much like the one seen floating in the skies above New Jersey) used for performing certain science projects.  Here is what the website says:



Solar Tube Balloon 

60 Ft Solar Energy Experiment 

By Educational Innovations


Watch as this giant solar tube gently lifts into the air. At 60 feet long with a s-b272 inch circumference, this lightweight, black plastic tube is the largest Solar Tube available, 10 feet longer than any other solar bag on the market! Simply hold it open and run to fill with cool air, tie off the end, and move it into the sun. As the tube heats, the air expands, becomes less dense, and it begins to float.

Perfect for teaching:

  • Density
  • Buoyancy
  • Solar energy
  • Charles' Law.

Can be easily cut into three twenty foot tubes.


  • Solar Tube
  • String
  • Instructions.

Ages 8 and up with adult supervision

The Weekly Constitutional would like to thank reader "DavCam" for ending us the link and clearing things up. 


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