World of Warcraft saves boy's life!!!

index-world-of-warcraft-logoWho said video games won't teach you anything...A twelve year old boy used skills he developed while playing World of Warcraft to save himself and his little sister.


boyTwelve year old Jorgen Olsen and his little sister were walking in the woods by their Norwegian home when they came across a very territorial moose.  Upon catching sight of the children, the moose began to move aggressively towards the children.

Amazingly, instead of freezing up or freaking out, the action box from the boy's WoW game came to mind.

First, he taunted the beast, leading it away from his sister so she might escape to safety.  Once she managed to get to safety, lil' Jorgie pulled his next trick out of his gamer mind...

boy_moose_530He feigned his own death.

He dropped to the ground and remained motionless until the moose grew bored of the child and went off to go fuck with a family of overly friendly bunnies or something.


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There is something to this story...

I mean, how many news reports have we seen where they tell us that the pimply faced pre-teen kicking the shit out of you in Call of Duty today is the remote control commander of the robot armies of the future.

But let's not go fucking nuts over this little miracle.

larp-5While it is a good thing that it worked out for this kid and his sister, something tells me that- unless he had some of whatever the Norwegian equivalent of the Boy Scouts is- this freaking kid got real lucky.

Taunts and feign death.

Little fucker is lucky that he didn't go into that action box in his head and break out the Dragon Cloak of Invisibility or try his Level 23 fire spell or something.

Story might have had a very different ending if he had...


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