Video of a UFO seen over the Vatican...

invader-zim-wallpaperNewspapers and television newscasts are all a-buzz these days over the strange lights seen in the skies over Rome and Vatican City, with the most recent sightings being over June 6-7.

Prior to 2001, the Italian Air Force (who has been charged with investigating such matters) have had a paltry 300 reported sightings of unidentified light or crafts in the skies.  Since 2001 though, there have been an average of 50-55 sightings a year.

The most recent sightings occurred between June 6 and 7.  The one on the 7th, reportedly over Vatican City, happened to be caught by the cell phone cameras of the military guards stationed in front of the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican's residence.  The guards turned the tape over to Carabinieri Police.

Check out the video (which, sadly is totally in Italian.  Sorry about that, but it was the best copy that I could locate...)

Transcript of the video (excerpted from

Ufo-over-vatican-150x150Studio Aperto” (Mediaset, Italia Uno newscast) anchorwoman Elena Guarnieri introduced the segment saying: “We will show  you now an exclusive video footage of a UFO sighting in Rome, this video was filmed by three soldiers, take a look.” Staff journalist Paolo Capresi then describes the images: “They are three flying objects and they are floating in the air, they were filmed last night in the sky above Rome. The images were taken with a cell phone by three soldiers who were in service in front of the U.S. ambassador’s residence in the Vatican City (Holy See), Monteverde district, two steps from St. Peter’s Square, and were immediately handed over to the Carabinieri [police]. As you can see there are no objects around to use as reference points that can give us the exact distance and size of the UFOs. It seems that they are spherical in shape and they hover above the Vatican. They appear and disappear often changing altitude.”

The journalist concluded, almost ironically: “The soldiers who have filmed these objects are based in the antiaircraft division and are specialized in recognizing the flight path of aircraft. Since 1978 it’s the Air Force that is in charge of registering sightings (over Italy)”. Colonel Marco Picciau of the Italian Air Force specifies that “statistics of sightings reported before 2001 were 300, after 2001 we have a more precise statistic on 50, 55, sightings [every year]”.

Monday's sighting was preceded by an unrelated sighting on June 6th when many motorists traveling along the Via Aurelia and the A12 highway in the section between Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella, said they saw a very bright circular object flying across the sky.  Unfortunately, as of yet no pictures of the June 6th sighting have come up.

Fire in the Sky

Despite the credibility of the military witnesses, the video does not really prove anything to me. 

alienThere is obviously something in the frame, there is no denying that.  But with a lack of sight references to give us any perspective as to the size or altitude of the object, leaving almost everything (with the exception of the fact that there was indeed some odd lights in the skies over the Vatican) up to complete speculation.

Hopefully, with the heavy coverage of the two incidents in the Italian print ad television news media, witnesses of either incident will be more comfortable coming forward with what they saw, maybe even with some pictures or videos to corroborate their claims.  But until then this is just another case where people are seeing strange things in the sky.


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