Sitchin to doubters: "Prove me wrong..."

sitchinFor the past thirty plus years, noted author and pseudo-historian Zechariah Sitchin has been putting his balls to the fire, so to speak.

The ninety year old Sitchin has spent the past three decades figuratively motherfucking conventional historians, scientists, and academics the world over by alleging that "ancient Astronauts" seeded the human race.  In a recent interview with Cosmic Logic, Zechariah claims he is willing to bet his entire career's work on the DNA testing of a 4500 year old mummy.

planetX2For those of you not familiar with Sitchin's theory- a brief recap:

Zechariah Sitchin believes that the Human race was "created", through genetic manipulation, by the Annunaki- a super advanced alien race from the Planet Nibiru, which enters into earth's vicinity once every 3500 years.

Through the translation of Sumerian tablets (Which Sitchin is one of the very few capable of doing so), Zechariah claims to have learned the "true history" of Man.  He believes that we started as a slave race- genetically constructed by the Annunaki to aid them in their efforts to mine our planet for gold and other valuable minerals but that we eventually rose against the harsh Alien taskmasters.  This revolution (as well as their home world just so happening to be ready to leave our orbit) forces the aliens off world (which, by the way, they have promised to come back and reclaim) thus bringing the Time of Man.

QueenPuabi1It is the contention of Sitchin that the proof of his theory can be found in the genetic remains of Queen Puabi, a noted ruler during the first dynasty of Ur.  Sitchin believes that the former ruler, worshiped as a demigod during her reign, was a direct descendent in the line of alien overlords the tablets speak of, and that her genetic material- presumably a direct mingling of alien and the genetically altered human DNA- will prove it so.

In order to prove his theory right (or wrong), Sitchin is calling for her ancient DNA to be checked.





Calling Occupants


No stranger to controversy, it is not too much of a shocker for people who have followed the research of Sitchin to see him putting it all on the line for his theory.  To him, this is not a theory but fact.

nibiru_and_the_anunnaki2One could say that he has made a career putting it on the line for his theory.  For decades, Sitchin has been the laughing stock of the scientific and academic world.  Mocked as a deluded snake oil salesman and said to be nothing more than a purveyor of "pop culture paleo-babble", his theories are all but ignored by any respected grey beards out there.  The few who pay him even the slightest mind either keep it to themselves or join in his fate of public ridicule.

But despite his "murky professional image" (if you will), Sitchin’s out there theories have found their believers.  He has written seven books on the subject of the Annunaki (The Earth Chronicles) as well as several companion texts on the ancient world and is often found in the "Works Cited" pages of every book on the subject since.

So for him to look at the people who have mocked him for decades and openly ask them to prove him wrong does take a certain amount of guts.

But that said... it is a total long shot.

As we said earlier, the overwhelming majority of respected and credible scientists find Sitchin's theory to be well thought out flights of fantasy at best.  Men who believe that such theories are nothing more than fantasy would not give said fantasies the benefit of credibility burning the calories it out take to go out and actually prove said theory wrong would give it.

annunakiThat said, in recent days the "Ancient Astronaut" theory- including the version preached by Sitchin- has gained a lot of public attention.  A favorite topic on late night television and radio shows (like Coast to Coast AM), the popularity of the subject of "Ancient Astronauts" went as far as to prompt The History Channel to run a five week run (with rumors pointing to another run at the series) of a series devoted to the subject.  Such a challenge to prove the theory correct (or incorrect) might be just the kind of thing that a cable channel might want to spend a few dollars trying to figure out.




...Somewhere out there...


I have no idea where this is all going to end up.

Truthfully, there is little chance that without raising the eyebrow of an ambitious cable network looking to generate a couple eyes on them for a night anyone is going to make a move to take up Zechariah’s challenge.  Like I said before, no credible academic or scientist is going to give Sitchin- a man who they openly mock- the credibility of proving hi wrong.

Like a wise man once said: the Eagle does not hunt the Fly.

Besides, proving Sitchin wrong would not do anything to disprove his theory.  4500 years of decay would leave little to no genetic material left in the artifacts found within her tomb.  And even if there was, to send genetic researchers on a wild goose chase in thousand year old DNA looking for some unspecified anomaly in their code versus the code of say a modern man, whose DNA would look different already due to the thousands of years in human evolution, leaves a ton of room for speculation.

So until the Annunaki themselves land on Earth for the whole world to see, Sitchin’s theory will stay as just that, a theory.


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