UFO buzzes Chinese airspace...


Images of the UFO that flew over the Chinese Hanghou province have made their way to the Internet.

The UFO, seen tearing through the Chinese guy in these pictures, was reported at around 9 PM on July 9th , 2010.


The disturbance reportedly caused dozens of inbound flights at the Xiaoshan Airport to have to be diverted. As of yet, there has been little officially said by the Chinese authorities on the incident.


Fire in the Sky

I have no idea what to say about these pictures. Not all I do, when I first saw them-especially the second one-the hair on the back my neck stood up.  But I'm all in on this UFO stuff, so it really isn't much of a stretch for my eyes to “see” an alien aircraft in a picture.

So help me...


There is definitely something going on in this picture...


What Do You Think

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