Video of Chinese UFO...

big-cufo2Video has emerged of the Chinese UFO, believed to have been behind the temporary closure of the Xiaoshan airport late last week.

While looking for more information on the reported Chinese UFO seen late last week, I came across this video. Have a look, won't you?  

(And sorry in advance for the wretched techno soundtrack.)

Calling occupants…

Another day... another unexplained flash of light that no one can really seem to explain, other than to just give the same bullshit explanation that has been given countless times before.

But for some reason this particular setting is stirring quite a bit of controversy. Maybe it's because the shut down an airport, or was seen by a lot of people; but for some reason I am really starting to think that there is something really going on.

While no official word has been given by anyone including the Chinese, the common bullshit explanation is that this is just more debris from an American intercontinental missile test (slowly starting to become a 21st-century version of the “swamp gas explosion” of yesteryear).

As I watched the video, it seemed somewhat familiar to me. While there is no accompanying spiral pattern, this video reminds me awful lot of the recent UFO sightings in Canada and Australia. Same object... same brilliant light... (In both those cases, the same bullshit American missile test explanation).

Not saying this is proof of anything... yet...

Just saying there seems to be some coincidence that should be noted.

We are certainly living in very interesting times.


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